The Shape of Jazz - Gretchen_Parlato,_Lionel_Loueke

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The Shape of Jazz - Gretchen Parlato, Lionel Loueke

Friday, March 9, 2012, 10 pm
Zankel Hall
881 7th Avenue
New York, NY

Two of today's most innovative voices in jazz present a debut project as they continue their journey of sharing the stage. 

When Gretchen Parlato and Lionel Loueke invited singer/songwriter Becca Stevens to join them in celebrating the art of rhythm and song, it was a natural fit. They had known each other for years with Gretchen and Lionel performing and recording on each other's projects and Gretchen and Becca collaborating in various live settings.

Their Zankel Hall concert will mark the debut of the trio.

The three friends, each known for exploring jazz from a unique, self styled approach, got together to write and arrange music that simply asked "what if ?" The result is a mixture of duos and trio in an open field of strings, percussion and voice that further defines how jazz is expanding and interpreted.

They are a motley crew: Loueke's signature plucked guitar reveals his Benin,"West Africa roots." Steven's acclaimed ukele, guitar and charango playing references her North Carolina upbringing and the California bred Parlato whose voice is both instrument and lyric augments the rhythm with hand percussion. Thanks to lessons from Becca, Gretchen will also make her string debut. It is an evening with friends being friends - sharing stories, catching up and discovering new ties.

Gretchen Parlato, vocals, strings
Lionel Loueke, guitar, vocals
Becca Stevens, vocals, ukele, guitar, charango